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The Change We Need Starts With You

The world would be a better place if we could run campaigns on good will and well-placed intentions. Unfortunately, we wouldn't be very effective that way. We rely on your generosity to be able to advertise in order to spread the word about the changes we want to implement.
Every contribution is critical to the success of our campaign, and I promise you, will be responsibly spent, a promise I will continue to uphold to the taxpayers with judicious stewardship of the department's budget upon assumption of office, the details of which we shall regularly publish to the public.

If you would like to contribute with a check, you can contact us to have a volunteer meet you to accept it, or you can mail it to this address:

250 Pawnee Trail Kissimmee FL 34747

To maintain compliance with regulations establish by the Florida Division of Elections, the maximum contribution that we can accept is $1000 per person for this election cycle. We are also required to report the donor's occupation. If the contribution does not meet the requirements, we will unfortunately not be able to accept it.

Thank you, your contribution makes Equal Justice possible!

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