Issues & Political Concerns

Changes Our Community Needs Now

Our community is suffering under the current administration. We need changes now.

Equal Justice

Inequality of Justice Is Not Justice At All

What is Equal Justice?

Regardless of race, age, gender, or any other demographic or characteristic, every individual should be treated equally. If an officer pulls over two motorists of different ethnicities, all other circumstances the same, they should receive the same treatment.This also applies to the Sheriff's Office; if two deputies or employees are disciplined for committing the same infraction, then they should receive the same disciplinary action, regardless of which division they work in, or who they are.

No Party Affiliation

A Sheriff for everyone, loyal to the people and the Constitution

I am running NPA (No Party Affiliation) because I want to be a Sheriff for everyone, regardless of political party, beliefs, or any identifiers. Partisan politics are tearing our great nation apart, and the ones most affected by this division are the people.
As an NPA official, I want to unify our citizens so that together, we can make our community safer, create new ideas, and better serve and protect the residents and visitors of Osceola County.
The Sheriff does not make laws, the Sheriff enforces laws, and should therefore be impartial; the Sheriff should be loyal to The Constitution, to all of you, the people, and not to a political party.

Creation of An Office Of Professional Standards

A Critical Gap in the Department's Organizational Structure

This organization will ensure that the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is providing law enforcement services that are fair and equal, and that the Office’s personnel are conducting themselves with integrity, respect, and professionalism, and are acting in accordance with the agency’s policies and regulations.
This office will include an enhanced and modernized Internal Affairs section to address citizen complaints. It will also be tasked with Accreditation, or the compliance with and adherence to professional standards. The Osceola County’s Sheriff’s Office is currently known by its employees to discipline deputies and staff in an inconsistent and arbitrary manner. That stops under my administration. Investigations into improper conduct, and discipline, will be handled in compliance with the standards established by the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They will also be conducted in compliance with Florida Statute 112.532 “The Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights”.
In today’s politically volatile climate, we’ve witnessed Law Enforcement leaders around the country respond to political pressure and make hasty, and often improper, decisions concerning their officers/deputies. As Law Enforcement leaders, we cannot allow “knee jerk” reactions to dominate our decisions concerning the life and rights of our staff. Our decisions must be based on facts and evidence. Our decisions must be fair and balanced. For example; if one staff member is disciplined for a violation (tardiness) by being suspended for 8 hours, then the next staff member who commits the same infraction, shall receive the same discipline. Equality of Justice applies to everyone, the employees of the Sheriff’s Office as well as the community that we serve. That includes the criminal, civil, and administrative portions of the legal system. That will be the mission of the Office of Professional Standards under my administration.

Creation of a Citizen Advisory Board

My campaign and terms as Sheriff, will be cemented on the principals of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

As part of my platform, my priority will be to bring you, the community, into the Sheriff’s Office, so you, the people, are actively participating in, and informed on the day to day operations of your Sheriff’s Office. Notice I said, “your Sheriff’s Office”; that’s because it is yours. Every government agency belongs to the people. Not to the powerful, not to the rich, not to the famous, and certainly not to elected officials. The Sheriff’s Office belongs to all of you, the people. It is your money that funds it, it is your lives that are affected by it, it is your children that are protected by it, and your day to day peace and security that are guarded by it. Therefore, my platform includes creating a Citizen Advisory Board, made up of members of the community (pastors, civil leaders, business partners, teachers, firefighters, and representative of all segments of our community). The purpose of the board will be so that you have direct access to the me as Sheriff and my leadership team. We will meet monthly to discuss topics such as traffic, use of force, arrests, crime prevention, identification of areas in need to extra police services, what are your concerns, what you would like to see your Sheriff’s Office do, and other topics you feel are important. One of the areas I will certainly open up to the advisory board, is the Sheriff’s Office budget. It’s your money, you have the right to know how it's spent, where it's spent, and you have a right to suggest what you would like to see happen with the budget. I will also make available, quarterly reports, which include information on critical incidents throughout the county, including use of force by deputies, internal discipline, accidents, hiring statistics, and other pertinent information. Once again, it is your Sheriff’s Office. You the people have every right to know how it is managed, how it uses your money, and how it impacts your day to day life.
To paraphrase Davy Crockett - “If you need me, you will find me standing as a faithful representative of the people and as the public's most humble servant”. The Sheriff’s Office and I will always serve the people